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  1. This is not totally correct – a lot of breeds are being lumped under the single title of “Hungarian Warmblood”. The purpose of the HHAA is misquoted – It should be: “The purpose of the Hungarian Horse Association of America is to record, promote, and help foster the development of the pre-World War II Kisberi-type horses and the crosses thereof.” The “Kisberi-type horse” was not included in the above horse breed pictures and info but is a very important key to the purpose of the HHAA. The Kisberi horse was not a WB.

  2. Another correction – the Hungarian horses are not gaited, at least not the Kisberi or the Shagya-Arabian (Another Hungarian breed). There were several State Studs in Hungary, each developed its’ own phenotype for a specific purpose (calvalry, officer, driving, pulling artillery, etc) Kisber, Babolna, and Mezohegyes plus many more were Hungarian State Studs.

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