Horse Habitat

Domesticated breeds like the Appaloosa, American Paint Horse, Quarter Horse, racing, and draft horses are usually confined to a stable or enclosed yard or may be kept in a small enclosed field. But, the natural habitat of a wild horse is usually quite different.

Horse Habitat

Where Do Wild Horses Live

Horses in the wild prefer wide-open spaces with plenty of fresh grass, as they spend most of their days grazing, usually in large groups. Open areas also allow them to identify predators and other threats from a distance so they can escape using their ability to run fast. The habitats of different horse vary based on geographic location and the availability of food, water, and shelter, as it has to survive on its own.

Natural Habitat for Some Wild Horse Breeds

  • Shetland ponies inhabit moorland comprising hilly and windy grassy regions in the Scottish Shetland Island.
  • Mustangs roam freely in rough, rocky grasslands of western United States.
  • Przewalski’s horse ( Mongolian wild horse) live in plains, grasslands, and grassy deserts of Central Asia.
  • Australian Brumby inhabits open grassy plains but is also found in semi-arid desert regions.

Interesting Fact

  • Since the Arabian horses have been developed in the desert climate, they are known for their excellent endurance and speed.