Pinto Horse

The coat color of horses identified by broad white patches along with any other color on the body is called pinto. Pinto horses may vary in colors and patterns, including, piebald, skewbald, tricolored, tobiano, overo, tovero, and dominant white.

Pinto Horse

The pinto coloring is one of the most famous horse coat patterns in the US, and several breed registries strongly recommend the breeding of horses with pinto coat. Although the word ‘paint’ is often used to represent pinto horses, it specifically signifies the American Paint Horse that has a pinto coat with Thoroughbred and American Quarter Horse ancestry.

It is believed that the pinto horses, because of their striking spotted patterns, were selectively bred in ancient Egypt, Rome, and transported to the New World by the Spanish and Portuguese explorers. The Pinto Horse Association of America, incorporated in 1956, encourages the promotion and maintenance of records and pedigrees of pinto horses and ponies.

Horse Breeds That Can Have Pinto Coat Color

  • Pampa Horse
  • Spotted Saddle Horse
  • Australian Stock Horse
  • Azteca Horse
  • Spanish Jennet Horse
  • Marwari Horse
  • National Show Horse
  • Dutch Harness Horse
  • Spotted Draft Horse
  • Coffin Bay Pony
  • Brazilian Pony
  • Curly Horse
  • Boerperd Horse
  • Kathiawari Horse
  • Pottok (Basque Pony)
  • Zweibrucker Horse
  • Campolina Horse
  • Tennessee Walking Horse
  • Warlander Horse
  • Cayuse Indian Pony
  • American Paint Horse
  • Clydesdale Horse
  • Manipuri Pony
  • Colorado Ranger Horse
  • Chincoteague Assateague Pony
  • Belgian Warmblood
  • Eriskay Pony
  • Trakehner
  • Caspian Horse
  • Gelderland Horse
  • Carolina Marsh Tacky
  • Welsh Mountain Pony
  • Friesian Sporthorse
  • Finnhorse
  • Gypsy Horse
  • Icelandic
  • Pintabian
  • Racking Horse
  • Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse
  • American Miniature Horse
  • Pryor Mountain Horse

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