Grulla Horse

Grulla (or grullo) is a color variety of dun, a coat color of horses, recognized by tan-gray hairs on the body with dorsal stripes on the back and black point coloration on the lower legs, mane, and tail. Grulla horses carry the dun dilution gene along with the black gene and possess mouse-colored hairs.

Grulla Horse

The term ‘grulla’ is derived from a Spanish word for a crane and ‘grullo’ in Spanish means gray horse. For this reason, some horse enthusiasts use grulla to represent a mare and grullo to denote a stallion.

There are various shades of grulla, ranging from slate grulla, light grulla or silver grulla, silver dun, blue dun, to black dun. In the Highland Pony, the grulla is known as mouse dun, while in the Icelandic Horse and Fjord Horse it is referred to as gray dun.

Horse Breeds That Can Have Grulla Coat Color

  • Sorraia Horse
  • Appaloosa
  • Criollo Horse
  • Spanish Jennet Horse
  • Missouri Fox Trotter
  • Florida Cracker Horse
  • Kazakh Horse
  • Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse
  • German Riding Pony
  • Gotland Pony
  • Azteca Horse
  • Swiss Warmblood (Einsiedler)
  • Heck Horse
  • Australian Pony
  • Carolina Marsh Tacky
  • Spanish Mustang
  • American Walking Pony
  • Mangalarga Marchador Horse
  • Curly Horse
  • Irish Draught Horse
  • Nokota Horse
  • Nordlandshest/Lyngshest
  • Pryor Mountain Mustang
  • Kiger Mustang
  • Ob Pony (Priob)
  • Tennessee Walking Horse
  • French Saddle Pony
  • Sandalwood Pony

Grulla Horse Pictures