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Chestnut Horse

Chestnut is a common coat color in horses, distinguished by a reddish-brown body while the mane and tail are of the same color as the coat or lighter in some cases. Chestnut horses have dark brown eyes, black skin, whereas the mane, tail, and legs can be darker than their coat, but are never black. These horses can also have pink skin with white hairs and blue eyes (only if the white markings are on their eyes).

Chestnut Horse

Chestnuts can vary in shades (that are collectively called red), including basic chestnut, sorrel, liver or dark chestnut, flaxen chestnut, and mealy or pangare. Other coat colors with the chestnut base also occur in horses, like palominos, cremellos, red duns, skewbald, sorrel paint, chestnut pinto, gold champagnes, and strawberry roans.

Horse Breeds That Can Have Chestnut Coat Color

Chestnut Horse Pictures

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