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Brown Horse

Seal brown is a coat color of horses identified by a dark brown or near-black body with black point coloration on the tail, mane, and legs, as well as tan patches around the muzzle, eyes, in front of the stifle joint, and behind the elbow. Seal brown horses have a black base coat which is suppressed by the Agouti gene to produce the black points.

Brown Horse

The term ‘brown’ is casually applied to several coat colors while some registries use it to refer to either dark bay or seal brown coat color. The American Paint Horse Association and American Quarter Horse Association both acknowledge ‘brown’ as a distinct color. Casual observers often represent bay or chestnut as ‘brown’. In fact, brown includes different shades like chestnut, bay, buckskin, silver dapple, and dun.

Horse Breeds That Can Have Brown Coat Color

Brown Horse Pictures

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