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Palomino Horse

The word palomino implies a coat color in horses characterized by a gold coat, along with light cream or white mane and tail. While the coat color of a palomino horse varies from cream to dark gold, the degree of whiteness in its mane and tail ranges from white to yellow. Palominos usually have brown eyes and dark skin. In some cases, the coat can be pinkish that darkens with maturity.
Palomino Horse

Known for their distinctive appearance, palomino horses are used as show, parade, and saddle horses. The palominos were originally bred in Spain and used by the high military officials and members of the royal family. Today, horse associations including the Palomino Horse Association, founded in 1936, and the Palomino Horse Breeders of America, set up in 1941, are responsible for registering palomino horses.

Horse Breeds with Palomino Coat

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