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Buckskin Horse

Buckskin refers to a coat color similar to the color of tanned deer hide, occurring due to the presence of cream dilution gene in a bay horse. There are several buckskin variations, including silver dapple and sooty. These horses have a gold or tan coat with a black tail, mane, and lower legs. Buckskins are believed to have superior endurance, overall strength, and determination than other horses.

Buckskin Horse

Buckskin horses are popular around the world, having appeared in several western TV shows and movies, including the 2002-animated film “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”. The American Buckskin Registry Association, established in 1963, and the International Buckskin Horse Association, founded in 1971, register, promote, and preserve the pedigree of Buckskin horses.

Horse Breeds That Can Have Buckskin Coat Color

Buckskin Horse Pictures

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