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By Jeffery Garfield

Last updated: 23rd March 2018

American Walking Pony


Jeffery Garfield
Last updated: 23rd March 2018

The orseAmerican Walking Pony, developed by crossing a Welsh Pony and Tennessee Walking Horse, is a new breed of ponies native to the United States. Being a naturally gaited horse, the walking pony is frequently entered in gaited competitions and horse shows.

American Walking Pony Pictures

Quick Information

Temperament/Personality Calm, docile, willing; obeys owner’s instructions and commands
Physical Characteristics Relatively large-sized for a pony; small and neatly chiseled head, bold and widely set eyes, well-shaped and pointed ears; long, arched, muscular, high-set neck; short back, slightly sloped shoulder, well-muscled hips
Colors All solid colors including black, brown, dun, roan, champagne, palomino, grullo, etc
Height (size) Approximately 14 hands (142 cm, 56 inches) at the withers
Weight About 600 lbs (272 kg)
Common Uses Jumping, driving, showing, dressage, pleasure riding
Health No known health issues specific to this equine breed
Gaited Yes; seven different gaits that are distinctly smooth, relaxed, and very light
Feeding/Diet Good quality pasture, hay, sugar beet pulp, low amount of mineral and vitamin supplement
Distinguishing Traits Refined and elegant movements, pleasant physical attributes and disposition
Country of Origin USA
Ancestors Tennessee Walking Horse, Welsh Pony
Breed Association/Registry American Walking Pony Registry

Video: American Walking Pony Gaits

History and Development

Over the years, extensive breeding experiments were performed to create a large pony similar to the size of Arabian horses and with smooth saddle gaits. On 10 May 1968, the foundation cross (a golden palomino colt) was derived from a registered Welsh Pony and Tennessee Walking Horse. In the same year, a breed registry was formed by the founder of American Walking Ponies, Joan Hudson Brown.

The breed was regulated by allowing horses registered with either the breed associations of the Welsh Pony and the Walking Horse or those that were produced by crossing the two breeds. Browntree’s Flicka was the first mare registered in the breed registry while the first stallion was BT Golden Splendor.

Interesting Facts

  • These ponies make excellent show hunters because of their Welsh Pony ancestry.
  • Aside from trotting, the American Walking Pony has some other gaits such as the Canter, the Merry Walk, and the Pleasure Walk.

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