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By Maurice Gainsbourg

Last updated: 24th March 2018

Blazer Horse


Maurice Gainsbourg
Last updated: 24th March 2018

The Blazer horse is an equine breed, indigenous to the northwestern part of United States, primarily developed to do the work at ranches. Its versatile and intelligent nature makes it a good sport horse.

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Quick Information

Temperament Gentle, intelligent, willing, balanced, and versatile
Physical Characteristics Refined, head, sloping shoulders, short back, bold eyes, round croup, long hips and tick bones that gives it durability and strength.
Color Bay, dun, palomino, buckskin, chestnut and black
Size 13 to 15 hands
Weight Unknown
Common Use Ranch work, as a show horse, pleasure riding, eventing and endurance sports
Popular Traits Attractive appearance, good disposition and adaptable nature.
Feeding Hay and grain
Health Problems No known breed-related health issues
Country of Origin U.S.A
Year of Development 1950S to 60s
Ancestors Little Blaze ( developed from the Morgan Horsem American Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred horse and Shetland Pony

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Being developed during in between the 1950s and 60s, Little Blaze, a chestnut stallion is said to be its foundation sire. Foaled in the year 1959, Little Blaze’s owner was F. Neil Hinck, hailing from Wyoming’s Bedford region, a horse trainer by profession. Hinck belonged to a ranch family, having experience with several breeds. He infused bloods of the Morgan and American Quarter Horse with the Thoroughbred and Shetland Pony for producing Little Blaze.

The Blazer Horse Association formed in 1967 at Idaho’s Star city, was renamed as the American Blazer Horse Association in 2006, which went on to be a nonprofit organization, dedicated towards preserving and maintaining the history of this breed.  The headquarters also shifted from Star to Nampa, also located in Idaho. Before being registered, the horses are carefully inspected by a team and are only eligible if at least one of its parents possesses a documented lineage to Little Blaze. The foals should also be two years of age while being registered. They are low-maintenance horses, excelling at whatever they attempt at. The American Blazer Horse Association has also made “gentle disposition”, a mandatory trait for registration.

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