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By Jeffery Garfield

Last updated: 24th March 2018

Brazilian Pony


Jeffery Garfield
Last updated: 24th March 2018

The Brazilian pony, a breed of small-sized equines, was originally bred to promote various equestrian sporting events for children. Now, these animals are commonly kept as pets.

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Quick Information

Temperament/Personality Calm, docile, friendly
Physical Characteristics Triangular head, straight/slightly concave profile; small, mobile ears directed upward; expressive and widely-spaced eyes; muscular, well-defined neck; abundant and silky mane and tail; wide, muscular, and deep chest; short and straight back; well-defined, medium-sized legs
Colors All solid colors; appaloosa and pinto patterns are valued
Height (size) 8.3-9.8 hands (84-100 cm, 33-39 inches)
Weight Unknown
Common Uses As a riding pony and cart horse
Health A healthy breed; no known breed-specific diseases
Popular Traits Balanced conformation, strength, affectionate and obedient nature
Feeding/Diet Good-quality grass and hay; grains should be fed in small amounts
Country of Origin Brazil
Ancestors Falabella Horse, Scottish Ponies, native breeds from Paraguay and Uruguay

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History and Development

Although not much is known about the origin of Brazilian ponies, they are said to have evolved from the Argentine Falabella horses and sturdy little Scottish ponies, as well as influenced by native equine breeds from Paraguay and Uruguay. Subsequently, these animals were crossbred with American ponies for refinement, but it was later discontinued since the crosses were much larger than what was expected.

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