By Jeffery Garfield

Last updated: 5th July 2023



Jeffery Garfield
Last updated: 5th July 2023

Named after the Gayoe hills in Sumatra, the Gayoe is a breed of small-bodied ponies commonly used for transportation on the island. Although closely related to the Bali, Java, Timor, Batak, Deli, and Sumba ponies, the Gayoe is much more sturdily built than the other pony breeds.

Quick Information

Other Names Kuda-Gayo
Temperament / Personality Quiet, friendly, willing, energetic
Physical Characteristics Muscular structure, straight or somewhat convex profile, prominent withers, sloping quarters, long back, strong legs, hard feet
Colors Solid-colored; generally dark bay or brown
Height (size) Approximately 12.2 hands (48.8 inches, 124 cm)
Weight Unknown
Common Uses Pack animal for carrying loads
Health No known breed-specific diseases and health issues
Popular Traits Stamina, strength, equable temperament
Feeding/Diet Good-quality forage, grain mix, mineral salt blocks, plenty of water
Country of Origin Sumatra, Indonesia
Ancestors Unknown

History and Development

Although the Gayoe pony’s parentage remains unknown, many believe that this equine breed is a strain of Deli or Batak pony. These ponies are not considered endangered since a breed survey by the FAO in 1997 had indicated their population to be stable, with 7500 animals.

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