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By Jeffery Garfield

Last updated: 23rd March 2018

Malakan Horse


Jeffery Garfield
Last updated: 23rd March 2018

The Malakan horse is a breed of Turkish draft horses recognizable by their muscular and upright conformation, which is well-suited for doing tasks that require strength and resilience.

Malakan Horse Pictures

Quick Information

Other Names Ardahan Horse
Temperament/Personality Friendly, docile, patient, willing
Physical Characteristics Elegant and expressive head; short, muscular neck, wide rump; strong and heavy frame
Colors Gray, black, dun
Height (size) 13.8-14 hands (55-56 inch, 140-142 cm)
Weight Unknown
Blood Type Hot blooded
Common Uses Transportation, draft, and farm animal
Health No health conditions related to the breed is known up until now
Gait Upright movement
Popular Traits Quite heavy, powerful, and tough
Feeding/Diet Forage including pasture, hay/hay cubes, pellets, or hay mixed with grass/legume
Country of Origin Turkey
Ancestors Orlov, Ardennes, Shire, Percheron, Biçuk, Clydesdale, and Danish draft horses

Malakan Horse (Ardahan Horse) Video

History and Development

During the late 19th century, the Malakan horses evolved from a breeding stock which was brought to the cities of Ardahan and Kars from the Caucasus by some Turkish immigrants. The breed’s ancestors were developed by crossing between Percheron, Clydesdale, Orlov, Shire, Ardennes, Biçuk, Danish draft horse, and the Anatolian. Later, the Turkish government added more Ardennes blood in order to improve the strength, stamina, and weight.

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