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By Jeffery Garfield

Last updated: 5th July 2023

North American Single-Footing Horse


Jeffery Garfield
Last updated: 5th July 2023

North American Single-Footing Horse is a breed of unique, medium-sized, lightweight equines that originated in the United States. These horses, alternatively called the Single-Footing Horses, with their intermediate ambling gait, are popular among avid trail enthusiasts. Known for their surefootedness, the Single-Footers can cover grounds quickly in the open.

North American Single Footing Horse Pictures

Quick Information

Temperament / Personality Spirited, gentle, obedient, willing, kind
Physical Characteristics Well-shaped head, straight profile; muscular, slightly arched neck; sloping shoulders, well-defined withers, correct conformation of legs
Colors Palomino, chestnut, gray, buckskin, bay
Height (size) Averaging 15-16 hands (152-163 cm, 60-64 inches)
Common Uses Trail riding including competition, working, and pleasure trails
Health No known breed-specific equine diseases
Gaited Yes, has an intermediate 4-beat movement
Popular Traits Good conformation, pleasant disposition, smooth and evenly timed gaits
Feeding/Diet Grass, hay, grains, shrubs
Country of Origin USA
Ancestors Standardbreds, American Saddlebreds, Spanish horses, and gaited breeds
Breed Information Single-Footing Horse Owners’ and Breeders’ Association (SHOBA) and North American Single-Footing Horse Association (NASHA) Breed Standards

Video: Single-Footing Horse Gait

History and Development

The exact time or year of development of North American Single-Footing Horse is unclear. Nevertheless, these horses evolved as a result of selective breeding that involved crosses from different gaited breeds exhibiting the ability to single-foot. The breeding stock included combinations of Standardbred contributing to its speed at gait, as well as the Spanish gaited horses, the Saddlebred, and other gaited stocks adding refinement, beauty, and flexibility.

Traditionally bred for riding on trails and work, the Single-Footers have remained true to their heritage. Several distinct lines have been produced through years of careful breeding. These include descendants of EZD Falcon Rowdy, the Trigger line, the Bayou-Traveler line, and horses with Paso Fino stallions in their pedigrees. Currently, two registries including the SHOBA and the NASHA maintain and promote the breed. Since its foundation, NASHA has registered over 900 horses.

Interesting Facts

  • The Single-Footers are capable of performing smooth riding gaits at speeds ranging from 5 to 20 miles/hour or more.
  • To maintain registration, these horses must be fitted with plain keg shoes.

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