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By Smith Northam

Last updated: 21st June 2016

Qatgani Horse


Smith Northam
Last updated: 21st June 2016

The Qatgani Horse is a native breed from Afghanistan and is a usually bred for light riding purposes.

Qatgani Horse Pictures

Quick Information

Other Names Qataghani Horse
Behavioral Characteristics Energetic
Weight/Size 1025 pounds (adult)
Common Uses General riding
Health Problems No known breed specific issues; healthy
Type Riding horse
Popular Traits Resistant, sturdy
Feeding/Diet General horse diet including hay, grass, grains, etc.
Country of Origin Afghanistan (Qataghan province)

History and Development

The Qatgani horse was developed for the first time in Afghanistan. Very little has been known about these horses mainly because the region in which these equines are primarily found is mostly inaccessible to the outsiders. The Qataghanis belong to one of the twelve breed of horses that has been reported to the database of livestock breeds published by the Domestic Animal Diversity Information System, or DAD-IS. The Qatgani breed got its name from where it originated, which is the former ‘Qataghan’ province of Afghanistan.

Interesting Facts

  • The Qatgani horses were used by the Uzbek mounted raiders of the warlord Abdul Rashid Dostum, the vice president of Afghanistan, who charged the terrorist Taliban forces back in 2001 in north-east Afghanistan’s Darya Suf valley.

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