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By Maurice Gainsbourg

Last updated: 24th March 2018

Boerperd Horse


Maurice Gainsbourg
Last updated: 24th March 2018

The Boerperd horse is a modern equine breed indigenous to South Africa, having a robust and appealing temperament.

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Quick Information

Other Names SA Boerperd, Historiese Boerperd, Boer, Cape Boerperd, Kaapse Boerperd, Boer Pony
Temperament Alert, robust, trustworthy
Physical Characteristics Flat forehead, prominent eyes, straight or slightly profile, average neck length, strong and well formed strong legs, sound and muscular hooves.
Color Black, dun, gray, bay, palomino, chestnut and pinto
Size 14 to 16 hands
Weight Unknown
Common Use Riding
Feeding Hay and grain
Health Problems No breed-related health issues
Country of Origin South Africa
Year of Development Later part of the 18th century
Ancestors Cape horse, Boer horse

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This breed is said to be recreated from the Cape horse or the ancient Boer horse. In fact, Cape horses were one of the animals that had been imported to South Africa in 1653 from the Java region. They were crossbred with the Thoroughbreds, while many of them were send off to India in the 19th century. Moreover the Cape horses were even instrumental in the development of the Basuto pony. In fact, the Boerperd is said to be a part of the Basuto’s stock, though being found in a comparatively mild climate. The Boer horse, which is also said to be instrumental in the development of this breed were mostly killed at the time of the Boer wars.

The breeders association formed for this breed includes Kaapse Boerperd Society (1948), and the Boeperd Society of South Africa (1973), which later became Historiese Boerperd Breeders Society (1977) and finally SA Boerperd (1998). The Department of Agriculture gave official recognition to the Historiese Boerperd in the year 1996 while both the organizations being a part of the Stud Book Association of South Africa. At present this breed is rarely available in Natal, Cape Province, Transvaal and the Eastern Free State.

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