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By Smith Northam

Last updated: 23rd March 2018

Danish Sport Pony


Smith Northam
Last updated: 23rd March 2018

The Danish Sport Pony is a breed of small equines that were developed in Denmark. Known for their level-headed temperament and obedience, these are popular as children’s rides, and a common breed found almost everywhere in Denmark.

Danish Sport Pony Pictures

Quick Information

Physical Characteristics They have a refined and well set head and a well-formed neck, and well-defined withers; the shoulder is sloping, while the back is short and muscular; they have well-built, sturdy thighs and muscular limbs
Temperament Calm, even-tempered
Type Riding Pony, Show Pony, Driving Pony, Sports Pony
Colors Grey, mixed grey, chestnut, black, bay
Height/Size No more than 14.2¼ hands (breed standards)
Common Uses Riding pony, show pony, pleasure pony, competition mount, children’s pony
Health Problems Normally healthy with no known breed specific issues
Popular Traits Obedient; good for children and young adults
Feeding/Diet General equine diet including hay, grass, grains, etc.
Ancestors Forest horse, Connemaras, Arabian horse, Welsh horse
Country of Origin Denmark
Population Status Common
Time of Development 1970s

Video: Riding the Danish Sport Pony

History and Development

In the past, only Norwegian Fjord and Icelandic horses were initially used as mounts for children in Denmark. Gradually, the demand for a strong and obedient sport pony grew in Denmark, the authorities involved themselves in developing a new breed having robust bloodlines. Their primary concern was the temperament of the breed so as to be trustworthy with the kids.

In 1976, the Danish Sport Pony Breeding Association was formed. Its purpose was to create a uniform breed of ponies meant for riding purposes. The association began with crossing Forest horses, Welsh stallions, Connemaras, & Arabian horses.


Based on their size (heights), the riding classes of these equines have been segregated into three categories:

  1. Ponies up to 14.2 hands (56.8 inches, 144.3 cm),
  2. Ponies up to 13.2 hands (54 inches, 137 cm),
  3. Ponies up to 12.2 hands (50 inches, 127 cm).

Interesting Facts

  • Presently, the Danish Sport Ponies are registered through the Landsudvalget.
  • The modern day ponies are usually dark, although the classic color was originally gray.

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