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By Smith Northam

Last updated: 27th March 2018

East Bulgarian Horse


Smith Northam
Last updated: 27th March 2018

The East Bulgarian Horse is primarily a breed of relatively newer sports horses that have been gaining rapid popularity. Known to be quiet and energetic by temperament, these animals are incredibly talented and have excelled in different fields like general riding, work activities, and sports events, namely jumping dressage, etc., including those of the Olympics.

East Bulgarian Horse Pictures

Quick Information

Other Names Iztochnobŭlgarski kon Eastbulgarian (Bulgarian: Източнобългарски кон)
Behavioral Characteristics Kind, energetic, adaptable, wise, attentive
Physical Traits The profile is straight with a light and elegant head with the eyes being large and expressive; the neck is long and sloping ending in a muscular shoulder and a deep chest; the legs are slender yet sturdily built having tough, well-shaped hooves
Coat Colors Bay, black, chestnut
Height/Size Male: 16.43 hands;
Female: 16.02 hands
(average: 15.3 – 16 hands)
Weight Male: 1212 pounds,
Female: 992 pounds
Common Uses Primarily for riding, competition, but also transportation and light farm works
Health Problems Generally healthy
Type Sport horse, Show horse, Riding horse
Blood Type Warm
Ancestors (Bloodlines) Thoroughbred, Anglo-Arabian, and local Bulgarian horses
Popular Traits Extremely tough, versatile, athletic
Feeding/Diet General horse diet including hay, grass, grains, etc.
Country of Origin Bulgaria

Video: Show Jumping with the East Bulgarian Horse Breed

History and Development

Horses have always played a very crucial role in the culture and society of Bulgaria – from war to work, or transportation, for more than a millennium since the time people began to arrive in the peninsula of Balkin on horseback and settled there. However, the East Bulgarian Horse is a relatively new breed.

In 1894, the breed was developed by selective breeding between the local Bulgarian horses with the Thoroughbred and the Anglo-Arabian breeds conducted by the ‘warmblood section’ of the Kabiuk State Stud and the Stallion Depot. The farms were located near Sofia in East Bulgaria. The purpose of the breeding was to create a new half-bred horse that would be equally good in racing, rigging, as well as work.

Although, since the time of its creation, it has always been a favorite choice amongst the horse lovers of Eastern Europe, the breed was not much well-known globally. However, these animals are rapidly gaining popularity as a sports horse in various equestrian sports like show jumping, dressage, etc.

In 1951 (or in 1959), the East Bulgarian breed was officially recognized, and a stud book for the breed was started. The bloodline of the present stock is continuously being improved by using Trakehner, Arabian, Hanoverian, Haflinger and Thoroughbred blood.

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