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By Maurice Gainsbourg

Last updated: 30th June 2023

Lijiang Pony


Maurice Gainsbourg
Last updated: 30th June 2023

The Lijiang Pony is a new equine breed indigenous to China’s Lijiang district primarily used as a working horse.

Lijiang Pony Pictures

Quick Information

Color White, brown, bay
Size About 11 hands
Temperament Powerful, robust, hardy
Common Use Workhorse, riding
Health No breed-related health concerns
Feeding/ Diet Hay and grain
Country of origin China
Year of development About 1944
Ancestors Arabian horse, Hequ, Yili, Kabarda, Ardennes


This recent breed dwelling in China was developed with the intention of acquiring a powerful horse that would be well-suited to the high altitude and varying climate of the region.  For this purpose, the Arabian, Kabarda, Hequ, Yili, and the small-statured Ardennes breed was introduced to carry out a crossbreeding program that led to the origination of a horse well-suited to cater to the needs of the region.  At present, the Lijiang region possesses about 4000 ponies.

The Lijiang ponies were also crossed with the Arab-Kabarda and Arab horses which resulted in an increase in its size of the foal to about 12.2 hands. However, not much effort has been made to enhance the size of the Lijiang ponies itself.

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