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By Jeffery Garfield

Last updated: 5th July 2023

Lippitt Morgan


Jeffery Garfield
Last updated: 5th July 2023

The Lippitt Morgan is a strain or bloodline group of Morgan horses developed in the US. Its overall structure gives an impression of elegance and substance. It is a versatile family of horses that trace its ancestry to the foundation sire named Figure, which was renamed to Justin Morgan.

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Quick Information

Temperament / Personality Cheerful, energetic, enthusiastic, intelligent, easily handled
Physical Characteristics Lean head, broad forehead, short, erect, hooked ears, large, dark eyes, well-defined withers, well-arched neck, laid back shoulders, short back, powerful hindquarters, long, well-muscled croup, highly set tail
Colors Black, bay, and chestnut are common
Height (size) 14.1-15 hands (57-62 inches, 145-157 cm)
Weight About 1,000 lb (454 kg)
Blood Type Unknown
Common Uses Dressage, endurance riding, cutting, Western pleasure, show jumping, carriage driving, therapeutic riding
Health A non-progressive genetic disease named multiple congenital ocular anomalies or MCOA may cause compromised vision
Gaited Yes; short, fast, bold, and elastic movements
Popular Traits Stamina, vigor, eagerness to work, good disposition, strong natural movement
Feeding/Diet Grass, hay
Country of Origin USA
Ancestors Old Vermont Morgan horse
Breed Registry/Association Lippitt Club, Lippitt Morgan Breeders Association, Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry

Video: Riding a Lippitt Morgan Horse

History and Development

In the 1970s, many Vermonters wanted to preserve the existent population of purebred Morgan horses. One notable personality was Robert Lippitt Knight, owner of the Green Mountain Stock Farm. Mr. Lippitt Knight concentrated on breeding horses that evolved from Ethan Allen 2d 406, and so it is now considered the purest strain of all the bloodline groups with no outcrossing to other breeds during the 20th and 21st centuries. To honor Mr. Lippitt Knight’s involvement in the development of the Morgan horses, the offspring of these horses are now called Lippitt Morgans.

Membership based organizations, including the Lippitt Club and the Lippitt Morgan Breeders Association, were set up in 1973 and 1995 respectively for preserving and promoting the Lippitt Morgans.

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