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By Smith Northam

Last updated: 3rd June 2021

Morgan Horse


Smith Northam
Last updated: 3rd June 2021

The Morgan Horse is a breed of domesticated American horses that are named after an eighteenth-century musician. It is said to be the first American breed, and are animals that are valued for their good looks and versatility. The Morgan is a breed that can adapt itself to its owner’s lifestyle.

Morgan Horse Pictures

Quick Information

Behavioral Characteristics Versatile, brave, spirited, adaptable, eager, friendly
Physical Traits Has a large body with a deep girth and a straight profile with the head being medium-sized that is tapered down to the muzzle; the neck is upright and graceful, while the shoulder is sloping and is strongly-built while the chest and the back are broad; the legs are well-formed having strong joints with symmetrical hind legs and quarters; the tail is characteristically straight and flowing
Coat Colors 12 common coat colors, with the most common ones  including black, chestnut, gray, and piebald
Height/Size 14.1 to 15.2 hands (adult male and female average)
Weight 950 pounds
Life Expectancy Around 30 years
Common Uses Endurance riding, general riding, jumping, racing, competitive trail riding, driving
Health Problems Normally a healthy breed with no breed-specific problems
Type Sports horse, Show horse, Trail Riding horse, Pleasure Riding horse, Harness Racing horse
Blood Type Warm
Ancestors Welsh Cob, Thoroughbred, Arabian and Barb
Popular Traits Multi-talented (versatile), easy trainability, intelligent, adaptable to harness, easy to keep
Care Needs minimum forage; requires little or no grain supplement
Country of Origin USA
Time of Origin 1789
Associations and Registries American Morgan Horse Association

Video: Morgan Horse Show Racing

History and Development

The blood of the Morgan horse breed contributed to the establishment of many other breeds of from the US, including the Tennessee Walking horse, Standardbred horse, the Saddlebred.

The Morgan is among the oldest of the American horse breeds. It was developed in the United States and had been utilized for multiple purposes including as riding, racing, as well as cavalry.

There have been several theories regarding the ontogeny of the Caspian horse. While some experts hypothesize that there is the blood of the Thoroughbreds in the gradual process of its development, others opine that it was a Friesian Stallion that acted as its sire. Other researchers think that the Caspians originated from a blend of the Arabian, the Welsh Cob, and the Thoroughbred blood.

Interesting Facts

  • The Morgan breed has been declared as the ‘state animal’ of the state of Vermont in New England, NE United States. It is also the state horse of Massachusetts.
  • Children’s authors Ellen Feld and Marguerite Henry portrayed Morgan horse in their books; ‘Justin Morgan Had a Horse’ written by Henry was chosen for a movie by Disney.

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