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By Jeffery Garfield

Last updated: 23rd March 2018

Vladimir Heavy Draft Horse


Jeffery Garfield
Last updated: 23rd March 2018

The Vladimir Heavy Draft, a breed of strong, medium-sized draft horses was developed in the Vladimir and Ivanovo regions in the former Soviet Union. Even though it is a working equine breed, its agility along with a stout build makes it suitable for use in riding and dressage.

Vladimir Heavy Draft Horse Pictures

Quick Information

Other Names Vladimir Draft Horse
Temperament/Personality Spirited, willing, intelligent, obedient
Physical Characteristics Muscular body with a large, sharply outlined head, arched profile; elongated and sturdy neck, pronounced withers, slightly lowered back; the loin is short and broad; broad chest with insufficiently sprung ribs, long and sloping croup, correctly set legs; well-developed hair on limbs, mane, and tail
Colors Bay is most common; black and chestnut are less frequent
Height (size) Stallions: 15.8 hands (160 cm) at the withers, oblique body length of 165 cm, circumference of chest 196 cm, cannon bone girth of 24 cm

Mares: 15.5 hands (157 cm) at the withers, oblique body length of 162 cm, circumference of chest 188 cm, cannon bone girth of 23 cm

Weight 1653-1763 lbs (750-800 kg)
Common Uses Pulls troika sleighs, draft work
Health No known breed-specific health issues
Gaited Yes; smooth, ambling movements
Feeding/Diet Good-quality hay, grass, grains; clean, fresh water
Blood Type Cold
Distinguishing Traits High growth rate, strength, stamina, liveliness, balanced temperament
Country of Origin Russia
Ancestors Clydesdale, Suffolk Punch, Shire horse, Ardennes, Percheron

Video: Vladimir Heavy Draft Horse Training

History and Development

The Vladimir Draft horse was developed in the early 20th century with the intention of breeding a horse having medium draft power and high speed. Large native horses were crossbred with various imported draft breeds including the Suffolk Punch and the Percheron. Later, the addition of Clydesdale, Ardennes, and Shire blood also influenced the breed. A crucial role in developing the breed was played by the stud farm named Gavrilovo-Posad breeding station. The Vladimir Draft horse was recognized as a true breed in 1946.

Its breeding has now been widespread with the Yuryev-Polski stud producing a significant number of Vladimir Heavy Drafts. Currently, the breed has four lines.

Interesting Facts

  • These Heavy Draft horses have distinctive blaze or star markings on their face and legs.

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